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Feminine bodys that will make you shine inside and outside the academies

Super feminine and sexy, the body is a piece with a curious origin. His creation was inspired by ballet swimsuits and tights. Today, he's a Honey Girls sweetheart. After all, the feminine body is one of those versatile pieces that can not be missing in the fitness closet, because it combines everything: skirt, shorts, jeans, gym clothes and more, and can even be used to compose a beach look.

Honey Be World Wide has a beautiful collection of women's, with unique prints, details of straps on the back and incredible cutouts. You can use each female body as a joker piece and match it with the training and casual looks. In addition to enhancing the silhouette, our bodys give a more sensual air to the production.

Body fitness for those who love working out with style and comfort

For those who love to work out, the body without a sleeve is the best option. In addition to assisting in training performance, it still lets the skin breathe, ensuring more comfort and greater body temperature control. And the best of all is that there is also a version for colder days: the body with long sleeve. Whatever the season, you can always look beautiful.

Each body fitness of Honey Be World Wide is made with high quality fabrics and has a super fashion model like strappy, in addition to vibrant colors and colorful prints. The body models in white can be used without fear, because our pieces have a lining to prevent transparencies.

Find your fashion body to join now!

Looking for a divine body? Honey Be World Wide has! Full of charm, our models will invade your wardrobe and match the various pieces you love. Besides beautiful and very comfortable, you can find in our online store options of feminine body with bulge, without bulge, with neckline in the back, strategic cuts, exclusive prints and much more.

From legging fitness to your favorite jeans, our bodys line has ideal models to wear on any occasion - and we show you how.

Female Body Open Front Female Body Stripes Handles Female Body Cirrê Back

Developed exclusively for the Shine collection, the Cirrê body is one of the Honey Girls' darlings - and no wonder. With a cheery and gorgeous print, this is one of those wishing-pieces that you will wear a lot with jeans, shorts and skirts in neutral colors.

Honey Be World Wide also sells wholesale body

If you want to buy female wholesale, Honey Be World Wide is the right place! Check out the advantages of our exclusive payment terms: pay with two credit cards, pay up to 6 times interest and get free shipping on purchases over R $ 299.00! Enjoy, the female body is up!

  • All parts with quality assurance.
  • Arrase in training and look.
  • Buy online for resale.
  • Gym clothes with factory prices.