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Honey Be Features KSL Collection: the best of the fitness fashion for you

You already know that Honey Be is always looking to produce the coolest, most comfortable and durable gym clothes for each collection. The news that you still don't know is an incredible partnership that has just been born: Now, Honey Be is an exclusive reseller of the KSL Fitness brand. Incredible, right?

If you are always looking for new fitness clothes to keep up with your workout, you will have even more variety here. This is also excellent news for those who work with resale of gym clothes. You will be able to buy the items of the two most loved brands by the fitness muses in one place, with the greatest practicality.

KSL Fitness Gym Clothing: what you will find here

We know how motivating a new gym outfit can be. Even in those days when tiredness hits hard, wearing a beautiful fitness outfit can be what was missing to meet our goals. Never underestimate the power of a outfit!

See below the options of KSL Fitness Fashion that you will find here:

Sports Bra and Fitness Top Cropped

With or without padding, KSL sports bra and fitness top croppeds are just a charm! It has models for all tastes: from the traditional swimmer sports bra to top cropped with 3/4 sleeve. When the subject is fabric, the highlight is the cirre, with its unmistakable brightness.

Tank Tops and Fitness Shirts

Super urban prints, like the floral on a black background and the floral in black and white, make KSL tank tops unique pieces! Coats, vests and blouses with unconventional necklines complete the options.

Fitness Leggings

From basic black leggings to the most desired prints of the moment: KSL doesn't miss any trend! You will find leopard leggings, neon leggings and leggings made of cirre fabric, a sweetheart of those who loves glow.

Fitness Bodysuit

For the gym, the pool or even the bar: KSL bodysuits go with you wherever you go! There are different necklines and patterns that make each bodysuit unique and special.

Fitness Shorts

On warmer days, nothing is more comfortable than putting your legs out! Bet on shorts, shorts with beautiful prints that match perfectly with the tops!

Fitness Jumpsuit

Practical and very stylish, the jumpsuit is perfect for the days when we need to solve the outfit with one piece. Find yours here!

KSL Fitness: know everything about the brand

Created in 2003, KSL produces clothes for modern and urban women who seek to be always on the move, whatever the sport! So many years in the market have given KSL all the experience to create items with a perfect fit, without missing the finish, the size grid and the quality of the fabrics. First-rate fitness clothing, price that fits any budget, thanks to its own manufacture. Everything we love!