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Glove for gym and cell phone holder, protection and care with you

When health care began to become a lifestyle, a new genre of clothing and accessories was born: a fashion fitness . Over time, new options have emerged and continue to emerge on an ever-expanding list; caps, bags, backpacks, sneakers, socks, leggings, overalls, blouses, t-shirts, dresses and more for you to exercise and compose the look.

But besides fashion, a good gym accessory also needs to ensure that you perform your workouts the best way. And that means not just comfort and freedom of movement. Some physical activities call for protection. Others require care with their personal belongings. With this in mind, Honey Be World Wide has created two product lines: gloves and cell phone holders.

Your hands deserve gym gloves from Honey Be World Wide

Some physical activities are more intense than others. Thus, they require specific types of protection depending on the area of ??your body that will be most exposed to friction or other impacts. For exercises such as lifting weights, for example, a Honey Be World Wide gym glove is the right choice for keeping your hands soft and delicate.

With the glove for bodybuilding you get heavy without hurting yourself

The glove for bodybuilding is indispensable for you to use weights and bars without punishing your hands. Made of neoprene, it is durable, anatomical and comfortable: the ideal protection so your hands will not suffer from the friction and the weight of the equipment. Always count on Honey Be World Wide's bodybuilding glove to prevent calluses and other injuries during exercise.

Impact protection with crossfit glove.

The Honey Be World Wide catalog also includes glove options for crossfit. They are perfect for athletes who practice high intensity workouts. And once again you count on the comfort and protection of the neoprene to exercise. Make your high impact exercises quiet, with the certainty that the crossfit glove will protect your hands from blisters and other minor injuries.

The cell phone keeps up with its physical and musical rhythm

Of course, not every fitness accessory is for your protection. There are also those that become indispensable because they are practical, comfortable or both. And one of them is the cell phone carrier for racing. Honey Be World Wide has several models for those who like to enjoy music while training. All are durable and very sturdy, to keep up with your pace.

More on cell phone strength and practicality

Honey Be World Wide cellular carriers are made of neoprene, a lightweight and durable material. That is, excellent protection to prevent your cell phone or smartphone from breaking or getting wet while you are performing your physical activities. In addition, the adjustment of the cellular carriers is made with velcro, to keep them in your arm in a practical, firm and comfortable way.

At Honey Be World Wide, gym gloves, cell phone holders and more!

Combining comfort with strength and style with practicality, Honey Be World Wide products are always the most successful. And as you've seen, the gym glove and the cell phone holder for running are no exception. There are several options to protect hands or run quiet, with style. And by shopping in our online store, you have even more advantages.

In addition to gloves and cell phone holders, Honey Be World Wide offers everything you need to practice different sports and exercise. And what's better: very affordable prices! All of our fashion products and fitness accessories are available under these conditions. You just have to browse our online store, check, choose and buy what you want.

Want more reasons to buy gym gloves and cell phone holders?

  • Wholesale prices: All products are sold online at incredible prices, for you to resell and increase your income.
  • Variety: There are dozens of models, colors and glove prints for gym and cell phone carrier for your choice.
  • Warranty: the purchase by the online store is 100% safe and all Honey Be World Wide products are warranted against manufacturing defects.
  • Convenience: you place your purchase orders without leaving your home and get anywhere you want, anywhere in Brazil.