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Beloved by Brazilians and women all over the world, Bikini is a piece that emerged in the 1940s in France, and has since conquered more and more the female audience. Its name is inspired by the island Bikini, in the USA, that at the time was used for nuclear tests. The piece was given the name of the place because they believe it to be an explosive invention as well as the bombs tested on the spot. Since its inception, this item from the Fashion Beach has undergone several transformations, adapting itself to the taste of women and the trends of fashion of each era. At Honey Be World Wide you will find Bikini Models that will conquer all the Honey Girls, no one will want to be left out of this collection that is the face of summer! The Bikini Curtain is one of the most famous among women and perfect for those who have little breast, because it gives the impression of a larger volume. Be sure to check out the model on the beaches around the world too: the 3D Bikini ! This model has geometric shapes that give three-dimensional printing and its colors are incredible. Honey Be World Wide offers both Bojo Bikini options and leaves you free to choose what most values ??your body. Check out these and other options with exclusive prints and enjoy our facilities to buy online at a wholesale price!