Tips for Resellers

1. Listen to the customer.
Many people don't know exactly what they want, so listen carefully to what the customer has to say. Only after listening carefully and understanding what he wants will you be able to recommend the appropriate products.

2. Discover the products.
For each type of customer, indicate a type of product. Keep in mind joker products, which can suit different tastes and profiles. But be careful: offer these products only if the customer does not know exactly what he is looking for. Think about getting it right, not just selling, at any cost.

**3. Differentiate purchasing Men and women have very different purchasing profiles. Women, for example, take pleasure in shopping, and sometimes they do so as a form of distraction. Men, in general, are impatient and consider this process boring. Let's see some of the differences between men and women when buying:

Male Behavior

They don't like shopping;
They are impatient;
They don't research prices;
They are less detail-oriented;
They buy more quickly than women;
They are more sensitive to promotions than women;
When they go out to purchase, they usually only buy the product they are looking for.

Female Behavior

They love shopping and have a lot of patience for it;
They are more detail-oriented and like to try products before taking them;
On the way to purchase, they take the opportunity to buy other products, as women have the ability to do and think about several things at the same time;
They do not like to be classified with stereotypes;
They seek price and quality at the same time;
The purchasing process of women is longer;
Women like to exchange more information and talk about what they bought;
They spread more news “word of mouth”;
The environment, decoration and service are very important to them.