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Top fitness, comfort that goes great with your daily workouts

Whether it's gym, yoga, crossfit, pilates, zumba, boxing, hiking or running, for every type of workout there is always a top fitness Honey Be World Wide to complete your look. From top to bottom with cropped, we have the most varied models for you to find the one that will leave you safe, confident and glamorous to exercise with style. After all, we want to see her always beautiful and, for this, we have created a collection superfeminina and tuned with the latest trends in women's tops.

For us, comfort and beauty are essential in a fitness outfit. Therefore, in addition to our line of feminine tops being extremely comfortable and having a modern design, it also offers great support. That's it! Our tops feature double fabric on the straps and waistband: so you can choose your preferred model and train without worry.

The gym tops that you need to try

Top with or without bulge? The top without bump is a classic piece between the gym tops and also a great choice for those who prefer to wear only the lined top. Featuring beautiful prints, cheerful colors, and superfashionable looks, Honey Be's ungraded fitness fitness tops are ideal for any fitness look.

Regardless of whether you like top with or without, our models are passionate, allow you to make overlays and combine them with different textures - a great option for those who like to get away from the obvious. For Honey Girls passionate about trend, our bet is the strappy top straps, which can be used both in the fitness look and in the casual look.

With unique cutouts and versatile models, Honey Be World Wide women's tops are ideal for you who want to get into rhythm with style. They are perfect for various types of workouts like:

  • yoga;
  • Academy;
  • running;
  • capoeira;
  • crossfit;
  • dance.

From the basic to the stylish, our feminine tops are of great quality, comfortable and developed with fabrics that allow your skin to breathe during the exercises.

Combine your fitness top with a cute t-shirt

Leave your fitness look full of personality with the Honey Be World Wide Fitness T-shirts. Ideal for work out, fighting, dancing or composing that casual look, they offer the perfect fit for you to practice any kind of physical activity and still combine with a beautiful top fitness.

Smooth, stamped, elongated or with incredible detail. Just choose the model that most suits your style: Honey Be has them all!

The shirt body is light-colored with contrasting neckline and sleeve bands. With soft touch and perfect trim, you can use this piece to train and also to compose a casual look.

From the gym top to the tennis, Honey Be World Wide has the complete look.

One of the advantages of buying in our online store are the wholesale prices. The pieces have a great value and you can repaginate your fitness closet with new gym tops, leggings, t-shirts and shorts.

In addition to the gym clothes, you also find tennis, training accessories, bikinis, lingerie and a fitness line with men's clothing. And best of all is that you can buy everything online from the comfort of your home.

  • All parts with quality assurance.
  • Arrase in training and look.
  • Buy online for resale.
  • Gym clothes with factory prices.